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Huntin Monster Hogs with the Family

Stacking up the hogs in Texas - See the video of these hunts at
In my younger years, spending time in the outdoors with family and friends used to be almost a daily occurrence, but as we get older, time spent in the woods with brothers, cousins, and uncles becomes harder to come by. 
Shot my first coyote in Texas!  Came right in to the FoxPro Call
On this hunting adventure I would be taking my twin brother Eric.  I know you will look at the photos and the video and say, we don’t even look like brothers, much less twins, but trust me, we have the birth certificates to prove it.  Like most twins growing up, we shared everything together.  We grew up grabbing the shotguns after school for some squirrel hunting to skipping school to get in an extra day of deer hunting together.
My twin brother Eric at the airport ready to do some hog hunting in Texas
Eric has never had an opportunity to travel out of state for a hunting adventure and since I began Wired Outdoors I have always wanted to go on a hunt where I could bring Eric along as well as our two cousins, Mike and Shawn Bell for a family adventure.  Nothing seemed more appropriate than a late winter hog hunt in Texas.  We have been cooped up all winter long, and boy has this winter ever seemed like a LONG winter, so why not travel south to Texas for a sunny three day hog hunt in early March.
We would be hunting with Manx Outfitters in Central Texas,, and were we in for a treat.  When speaking with Richard, the owner of Manx Outfitters, he asked, “What are you looking for, big hogs, numbers, etc…?”  I said we were looking to just come and shoot some stuff, and not real picky.  We were just looking to have a really good time.
Richard assured me they had lots of hogs and we would have a blast.  He explained that they had 5,000 acres of land, 4,000 fair chase and 1,000 acres of high fence.  I told him that we were only  interested in hunting fair chase hogs and he assured me there were just as many hogs on the outside as there were on the inside, and he wasn’t kidding.  Little did I know we were going to be hunting monster fair chase hogs!
After arriving at the airport we would have a short hour and twenty minute drive to Manx Outfitters and be hunting that afternoon.  I would be up first with field staffer Andy Traister filming.  About an hour in and after scaring about a 100 hogs, we finally got lucky and saw a nice boar coming our way.  To make a short story short, I had my first hog within an hour of the first hunt.  The other guys were not as lucky as me and that was the only hog for the first night.
My first Spot and Stalk Hog. See the video of this hunt on our website at
The next evening I was really excited, because I would be filming Eric and I was hopeful that we would have a great hunt.  Little did I know what we were in store for.  We hunted hard all afternoon and had a few close calls with hogs, but just didn’t have an opportunity to shoot.  About an hour before dark, we came to a field that was just covered up in hogs, including a very BIG BOAR.  After being patient and waiting for the right shot, Eric had his first hog, and it was big.  It weighed out at 300 lbs and just blew me away that there are things like this beast out there just wandering around in the wild!  But like I say in the video, “This hunt wasn’t about trophy animals, but about spending time in the outdoors with our friends and families, but trophy animals are pretty cool too!”  Day two was a really good day with Eric’s giant boar, Shawn connected on a 250lb hog and Andy Traister took his first hog with a bow.
My twin brother Eric's Giant Hog - See this video on our website at
 So like is customary on these trips, we found ourselves in the last hour of the last evening and my cousin Mike still hadn’t had an opportunity to take a hog with his bow.  After many stalks and CLOSE encounters, we found ourselves staring at an absolute monster, and I mean MONSTER hog.  This thing looked like it was something out of a scary comic book.  Now all we had to do was close the gap of about 75 yards.  Even if we were able to close the gap, the closest we will be able to get was about 40 yards because of a stream between us and the hog.  If this was going to happen on a hog of this size, it was going to require an absolutely perfect shot.  After closing the gap, Mike let the arrow fly and we watched it arc over the stream and hit perfectly on this hog as it was quartering away.  (You have to watch this shot available on our website at and click on Webisodes)
Mike's Giant 400lb Monster!  See the awesome video of the shot at
After two hundred yards of tracking we came upon the monster and it actually sent chills down your spine to know that you are in the woods at dark with these giants.  All in all we took 6 hogs in 2 and half days of hunting including two absolute giants, with Manx Outfitters.
See the video of this giant at

Like I had said before, the trip was all about spending time with family and friends!  I will never forget our first trip to central Texas to hunt with Manx Outfitters and I can guarantee you one thing, it won’t be my last.  I can’t wait to see them again next year.  This entire show is now available on our website at and click on Webisodes.

Outfitter - Manx Outfitters -
Manx Outfitters hunts are more than reasonable.  It only costs you $200 for your first hog then $100 for every hog after that.  This includes lodging and meals, so you can do the math.  This hunt is a no brainer and the cost is more than reasonable.  They have 1,000 acres of high fence and 4,000 acres of fair chase so you can hunt them however you like.  To give you an idea of how awesome the hunting is, all our hogs were fair chase hogs.  For more information about Manx Outfitters, watch our webisode below.

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