Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bear Hollow Game Calls Product Review

All Pot Calls $15.00
All Box Calls $20.00
All Mouth Calls $5.00

Product features
Pot Calls

Glass over Slate/purple heart striker with birch top
Crystal over Slate/purple heart striker with birch top
Bronze Glass over Slate/purple heart striker with birch top
Slate over Slate/Hickory Striker with birch top
Box Calls
All Sassafras Box Call
All Walnut Box Call
Mouth Calls
7 Different style cuts on mouth calls
Water Proof striker works on all friction calls including slate when wet

Personal Assessment
Spring turkey hunting is one of my favorite outdoor pursuits.  Through many years turkey hunting, I’ve tried several different calls.  Even though I own several different kinds/brands of calls, I consistently find myself grabbing my Bear Hollow Slate, Walnut Box, and 2 favorite mouth calls (The Batwing and Ghost Cut) before heading into the woods.  Since buying my first Bear Hollow calls 5 years ago, I’ve been extremely pleased with the sound, durability, and looks but most important, I have enjoyed the confidence in my calling and success in the field.  Click here for my turkey harvest journal using the Bear Hollow Ghost Cut mouth call.

About the Company
Since the Bear Hollow Game Calls is not a major player in the turkey call market, I wanted to meet with John (the owner of the company) to get familiar with his business.  I found him to be quite friendly and passionate about turkey hunting and making turkey calls, and I wanted to share some of the high points of our conversation.  Bear Hollow Game Calls is a small local (NW PA) operation consisting of four individuals who love to turkey hunt.  They make a variety of different calls, each with its own distinct sound.  All of their pot and box calls are hand made, one at a time,  from start to finish.  Each pot and box call is personally tested and tuned before it ever leaves the shop.   At the end of our meeting, I had the pleasure to listen to him run several of his mouth calls as well as his glass call, fresh from the packaging.  It quickly became apparent he can use his calls as well as he can make them.  After talking with John, it's clear he is extremly passionate about turkey hunting, and prides himself on quality construction, and performance in the field for every call he sends out.

I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys hunting turkeys.  These are top quality calls with a very reasonable price tag.  For more information contact John by Email at bearhollowgamecalls@hotmail.com

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